D2K Design design firm

Operating since 2009, D2K Design is a home-based design firm
which continues to help many clients “develop their concepts
into design” assisting them to realize their dream;
custom home, addition or renovation or small building.

We pride ourselves with the personal creative collaboration between the client and D2K Design.

Who We Are

D2K Design is owned and operated by Kevin Lalonde (Monkland) and Dominic Lessard (Cornwall). We are building code qualified and hold valid building code identification numbers (BCIN) with the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing. With over 25 years of combined experience, our knowledge and understanding of the municipal zoning bylaws, and the Ontario building code permits us to prepare complete and accurate construction drawings (blue prints) which facilitate the review process by municipal building departments and help direct General Contractors.

Building Code Identification
Number (BCIN)

D2K Design is qualified in the following areas: House, HVAC House,Building Structural, Small Buildings, Building Services, Plumbing House, Large Buildings, Detection, Lighting and Power, Plumbing All Buildings, Complex Buildings, Fire Protection, and On-Site Sewage Systems. Although, D2K Design is qualified in the above areas, we at times engage the services of Professional Engineers and Architects to assist with specific projects as may be needed.

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